Monday, August 18, 2008

((blows dust off the blog))

Thus begins a new chapter in the oh-so-riveting life of Gwen.

Today was more hours of completely mind-numbingly boring information than I ever care to spend again. Hopefully not indicative of what the next four semesters holds....

I've spent the evening fighting with every form of technology I own except, thankfully, my cell phone.

The internet decided to go on sabbatical this evening just as I needed to finish my webCT orientation, my new printer which was finally delivered today (a full week late) was broken upon arrival, thus prompting a trip to Staples to return it and another trip to Circuit City to get a different one. Oh, and did I mention that I left my laptop charger in Greenville yesterday? Fortunately my ridiculously and unbelievably amazing parents drove down here to deliver it (a trip NOT requested by me, in fact I felt awful that they went out of their way like that just for a computer cable..but as it turned out, it was providential in light of the broken printer mess. Dads are way better at trouble shooting that kind of crap)

So here it is, midnight, one glass of Cabernet and a bowl of chocolate velvet ice cream down and time to get ready for another stimulating day tomorrow.