Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A few loose thoughts from today

  • My child will be 9 months old this week. Where exactly has time gone?? I swear pregnancy was longer than this has been...seriously..
  • My child is sporting 2 1/2 teeth with 3 more about to make their appearance. This particular bullet point is why I really can't wait till she's 3 sometimes.
  • I finally resurrected my iPod after not touching it for over a year and a half and spent over 2 hours trying to get it updated and attempting to get the Nike+ feature to work. I gave up halfway through and just did my run before coming back to it. Of course it worked the second I got off the treadmill.
  • Couch to 5k is boring. Bah. However, I'd like to avoid injury so onward I plod. Can't wait to do a race again.
  • My treadmill is also boring so Spring, you can feel free to show up and actually stay anytime. No, really. 
  • I need to do dishes. (I don't think any of you realize how big of an understatement this is...)
  • I need to finish folding laundry.
  • I need to pick up the baby toys that are all over the floor.
  • Playing with the baby is way more fun than any of the aforementioned three points.
  • Trying to decide when to book our hotel for R&R. I just know the minute I put a deposit on this resort, Jason's date will get changed. It's just how things work in the good ol' Army.
  • Can't WAIT for R&R: a week at the St. Regis in Park City Utah. Mountains, lakes, hikes, good restaurants, lounging by the pool with my favorite two people....yeah, it's going to be amazing. We need this.
  • Trying to decide if AAA or the military discount is going to save us more money....
  • Iraqi internet sucks, by the way
  • Keep thinking about this awful show I watched last night called Outrageous Kid Parties. The woman plunked down 32K for her 6 year old's birthday party. The only thing I've been able to think about all day is this: 32K could have helped one foreign orphan find their forever home and could have possibly helped two domestic orphans find theirs. I realize people are entitled to spend their money however they want, but my heart just broke knowing that money that could have literally saved a child's lifetime went to a spoiled brat who had no clue or appreciation for what was being spent on her. It's disgusting. 
  • I'll step down from that soapbox before I get even more angry..
  • Looking forward to a quiet evening sewing, chatting with my 9 month old (it can't be possible...), drinking some sort of hot beverage and contemplating how many more dishes I can fit in the sink...just kidding, I'm going to wash them now...maybe...


Beth said...

in complete agreement about the money. DANG!

Hope you have a fabulous time, non-rescheduled, at the resort!

Deanna said...

I didn't watch the Outrageous Kids Parties, but I saw it advertised and even that made me physically ill. Wow.
Also, I love your housewifery confessions...it makes me feel less guilty about my own cleaning procrastinations. (-:

MsHark said...

A week at the St. Regis, WOW that sounds amazing! you guys are going to have such a wonderful time!

rachel said...

Gwen, I love this!
1)I'm so glad you're actually going on vacation with Jason and your little.
2)You think your house needs cleaning...I shudder to think of mine.
3)It's a good thing I have someone that comes every few days to do dishes and laundry...or I would never have anything on which to eat.
4)I've given up picking up baby toys off the floor...I just move them from one room's floor to another room's floor.
5)we should find someone who will sponsor your adoption instead of having a birthday party.